Agnolotti In A Bacon Mushroom White Sauce Recipe

by duncan on November 11, 2010

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pasta bacon mushroom white sauce recipe

A dead easy recipe that goes well on just about any sort of pasta, and most will love to eat.

In our case we’re using Chicken and Mushroom Angolotti acquired from Camberwell Markets, but you can substitute any sort of pasta with this sauce.

If you’re in Melbourne, we recommend where you can getting fresh (or frozen fresh) pasta from one of the markets. There’s two pasta shops in Prahran Market, one in Camberwell, and for memory a couple in Victoria markets. You can buy the stuff at the supermarket, and it’s ok to use, but it’s just not as nice 🙂

If you’re not in Melbourne, fresh pasta tends to taste better if it’s available in your area.


– Pasta
in our case 1kg bag of Chicken Mushroom Agnolotti from Camberwell Markets. This feeds 3-4 people and you’ll usually get left overs
– 5-6 Mushrooms
definitely use if you’re using non-mushroom pasta. We added them here anyway. Add to suit
– Bacon
6 rashes of shortback bacon
– 5 Spring Onions
– White wine
We’ve used a $3 bottle of Bowlers Run from Wollworths Liquor, but anything you’ve got at home
– Fresh garlic
– salt and black pepper
up to you on the salt. A little bit doesn’t hurt much
– Cream
we’d usually use a lite cream but in this case we’ve used normal
– Olive Oil

bacon mushroom white sauce

To Cook

– chop mushrooms, spring onions, bacon and garlic into small pieces
– put water in a pot and place on oven top, bring water to the boil add pasta.
– add olive oil to a fry pan on high, then add bacon and garlic. Stir for approx 2 mins or until bacon is starting to look lightly cooked
– add spring onions and mushrooms. Continue to stir
– while doing this, check on the pasta: it takes a while for the water to boil again after the pasta is added, but doesn’t take long for the past to cook.
– add approx 100-200 ml of white wine, allow it to bubble. You’re boiling off the alcohol here while keeping the taste
– turn frypan right down to low-mid and add cream. You can add cream to suit depending on how much sauce you want
– add a small shake of salt and black peeper, stir
– presuming pasta is cooked (it will have changed colour + you should taste it), strain pasta and add to fry pan. Stir ingredients briefly then switch heat off.

We tend to eat pasta in a bowl by itself ,but you can serve it along side other things. Also for a professional touch, and a touch of parsley to set it off.

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