Tower Hotel Hawthorn East Review

by duncan on November 15, 2010

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calamari salad

Tower Hotel

686 Burwood Rd Hawthorn East 3123
(03) 9882 2347

Sometimes food can be an adventure and trying new places is fun. With the Tower Hotel, this wasn’t the case. I’d have a beer there, but the food never again.


Our original intent Sunday had been to return to the Geebung for a feed (see our Geebung Polo Club review) as we enjoyed it so much last time, but with the Sunday session on it was beyond busy so we thought we’d go to the Tower instead.

Located at the intersection of Burwood Road and Camberwell Road, the Tower Hotel offers a large family oriented pub style bistro menu that at least on paper looks ok.

You don’t particularly buy pub food for the ambiance of the surrounds, and while I’ve been to far worse places that The Tower, you’re not getting anything flash.

But in that context you’d expect one of two things: cheap food or half decent food. Sadly The Tower offers neither.

fish and chips

We ordered the fish and chips (as one does in a pub) and the Calamari salad. Along with one beer and one soft drink the bill came to approx $45, with the dishes in the $18-$23 range. Sure, at a restaurant you’re not going to think twice about those prices, but for a pub it’s a bit pricey.

With those prices we sort of expected some half decent food.

We were wrong.

The fish and chips, labeled as fresh market white fish was nothing of the sort. The batter was thick and unappealing, and the fish tasted like it had been well and truly frozen for some significant period of time. It was so bad I couldn’t force myself to finish it.

The calamari was rubbery and not at all nice, although the salad wasn’t terrible…be it if you can call some lettuce, tomato and some sort of salad dressing a serious salad.

With the Geebung Polo Club about a 300m walk away offering cheaper, far better food we’re not sure why anyone would want to eat at the Tower Hotel.

The only reason I’d go back to the Tower is the beer. It’s not a bad pub (this was the first time I’d eaten there, but I’ve drunk there before) but it’s a do not want on the food side.

0 stars out of 5

For: not one thing I can think of
Against: overpriced nasty pub food

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