Review: Cocoa Chy Creswick

by duncan on September 27, 2010

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Cocoa Chy

84 Vincent Street Creswick 3363
(03) 5345 1150

Apparently the highlight of the sleepy country town of Creswick, Cocoa Chy is a case of great marketing meets nothing all that exciting


Having never been to Creswick before and yet staying in a hotel on the outskirts of town, we naturally hit reception for places to visit and eat. Among the most impressive looking pamphlets for local eating establishments was Cocoa Chy.

We hit town Friday afternoon, and although this isn’t a review of Creswick itself, there is some irony in the town being pitched as a tourist destination: although recently hit by severe flooding, there’s still not a lot to see.

The first thing that strikes you when visiting Cocoa Chy is that more time has been spent designing the marketing materials vs fitting out the cafe: the interior is unexciting and dowdy: not ugly and a turn off, but likewise very uninspiring.

There was a limited variety of cakes and chocolates on offer: if you’ve ever been to a chocolatier in Melbourne, you’re immediately going to be surprised by the limited choice.

The staff member, while reasonably pleasant, was unable to tell us how much the blocks of chocolates were worth, and needed to defer to the owner to pricing.

The food and chocolates themselves weren’t bad. The cupcake above was white chocolate and raspberry, and was rather nice, be it somewhat small for the money. The lemon cheesecake (second pic) again was enjoyable, if not over the top. Tea was standard and thankfully was leaf tea.

Perhaps being spoiled for choice in Melbourne I’m being a little harsh on Cocoa Chy: if you’re stuck in Creswick, it’s probably the best cafe in town, but it wouldn’t last very long if it was located anywhere in Melbourne. If you are going: start with low expectations (so ignore the marketing material) and you might have a nice experience.

2 stars out of 5

For: reasonable chocolate/ cakes, best in a small town
Against: limited range, unexciting location

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