Review: Novotel Forest Resort Creswick

by duncan on September 27, 2010

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Novotel Forest Resort Creswick

1500 Midland Highway Creswick 3363
(03) 5345 9600‎

A resort primarily geared towards conferences delivers decent resort food


The Novotel Forest Resort Creswick bills itself as a great getaway location, based in timber country, complete with 18 hole golf course. But if there’s one thing that strikes you is that it’s really rather remote in terms of amenities, so eating on site is a must.

The resort offers a restaurant with set dinning at $56 for two courses, which is great if you like a big feed, but we didn’t. The alternative is room service or the bar (both of which are presumably served from the same kitchen as the restaurant) so we tried both of those.

The bar menu offers a page of options, including a small tapas menu. The use of the term tapas is used lightly: don’t expect a proper tapas feed, it’s more a way of describing a small number of…well…small dishes.

First ordered was the Tempura fish of the day with garden salad and chips: pretty much standard fare. The tempura batter was light and the fish enjoyable. The salad was a reasonable side.

Garlic prawns off the tapas menu was up next, and although tasty, the prawns were ridiculously small: no, not in the number served but actual size. Some prawns were so small as to be not worth trying to peel and eat.

Last (we were still hungry) were the fries, which are served with a garlic aoli sauce. Pleasant and reasonably priced.

For breakfast, the bacon and eggs plate was standard fare, be it a little expensive for what was served, but only by a small margin.

Resorts are resorts, and you’d eat here because you’re staying here and there aren’t really any alternatives nereby. It was standard 4 star hotel fare, edible, a little pricey, but no major complaints.

2.5 stars from 5

For: reliable food you will eat
Against: well, if you’re dining here, you’re stuck here, so no major against

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