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by duncan on October 28, 2010

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Churchills Cafe And Larder

13-15 Hamilton St Mont Albert 3127
(03) 9890 3444

What was once a popular cafe is noticeable now for its lack of patrons. Either a change of ownership or focus has killed what was once one of my favourite Eastern Suburbs cafes.


Located in the sleepy suburb of Mont Albert near the train station, Churchils Cafe and Larder has long been a popular cafe for local residents. I must disclose that I use to be a local and a frequent visitor. My last morning in Mont Albert before moving was spent at Churchills, and I use to always enjoy the food and service there.

Hence my disappointment as I write this post.

I visited Churchills the weekend gone with my new fiance as a treat, thinking I was taking her to one of the better cafes in the Eastern Surburbs. In times past, you often had to wait for a table. Inside was a rich lader of cakes and meats, the service was friendly, and a large table offered the days newspapers and recent magazines you could enjoy while eating.

Now that’s all gone.

The first alarm bell was the lack of people parked outside and within Churchills itself. Upon entering, the larder area was (for lack of a better term) bordered over. The newspapers and magazines had disappeared. On a bright note we were seated immediately.

We eventually got to order after a surprising wait: surprising because there weren’t that many people eating at the time.

churchills mont albert

The original menu has changed as well: while once Churchills often an interesting variety of food options for breakfast, today the menu has shrunk and offers far less.

I ordered the bacon and eggs, while my fiance ordered poached eggs on a mushroom frittata.

To be fair the food was reasonable, if not very exciting. Churchills once offered the freshest eggs and ingredients, but this wasn’t to be on this trip. Edible, but not the wow the food once offered. The frittata was pleasant and cooked well…but that’s it.

Despite it being realitively quiet, we had to queue for 10 minutes to pay the bill, and while waiting there patrons were coming to the counter asking for menus because they were tired of waiting to be given one. A customer asking for a take away coffee snorted in disgust when told it would take 10 minutes for him to get one coffee, and walked out without ordering.

I’m not sure whether Churchills has changed hands, or simply had a change of direction, but I know one thing for sure: I’ll never be returning there, and given their lack of customers on our visit, many locals have already made the same decision.

1 star out of 5

For: food is ok
Against: terrible service, lack of atmosphere, larder now by name only.

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