RaRamen Box Hill Review

by duncan on November 4, 2010

in Chinese


Centro Box Hill Market Box Hill 3128
(03) 9899 8966

An old Box Hill dumpling house has recently had a refresh, and offers even better value than before


Located within the market at Centro Box Hill, RaRamen is one of the older eateries in the center and is not located in the food court, so visitors often miss it.

Until last year RaRamen was slightly dingy and dark, but always popular. At some stage this year they’ve refit out the premises (possibly taking over the store next to it) with the new decor offering a more appealing venue to eat at.

Most locals would know the place for its dumplings, but the menu is far more extensive that that, offering pages and pages of Chinese soup and noodle dishes, many under $15.

Meals come with a free red been soup and free unlimited use of a slushie machine…sure, an interesting touch in a Chinese eatery, but it means you save even more on your visit.

The service is super quick and so is delivery of the food: you won’t wait more than 5 minutes to eat, and the place specialises during the day on quick turnover of customers, probably a key to why their prices are so affordable.

mixed tempura

On our most recent visit, we ordered the pork dumplings and mixed tempura dish. The dumpling were something insanely cheap like $8 for $15, the tempura came in at $10.

I can best sum up the dumplings one way: love them. Fresh, easy to eat, and far too many for one person to consume. The tempura was a little heavy on the batter compared to say a good Japanese restaurant, but more than enjoyable to eat.

I don’t live close to Box Hill anymore, and when I do head out that way I tend to favor local Vietnamese eatery Indochine, but RaRamen is definitely second on my list of local favourites, and I most definitely will eat there again.

3.5 stars out of 5

For: cheap, quick,delicious food
Against: parking is a pain in Centro Box Hill, but nothing at all wrong with the food at RaRamen

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